Holiday Sites

WinterAll Grades and aboveWeather SimulatorControl the weather. Try to figure out what kinds of weather conditions create a snow storm.
WinterAll Grades and aboveWeather ActivitiesDraw, paint and explore the winter.
WinterAll Grades and aboveOne Hundred SnowballsWhat would you do with 100 snowballs? With this site, you can try it out.
WinterAll Grades and aboveMake a SnowmanMake a snowman. Go on, make one.
HanukkahAll Grades and aboveDreidel Game
HanukkahAll Grades and aboveAnother Dreidel GameLearn how to play the Dreidel Game with some friends!
HanukkahAll Grades and aboveLatke GameCan you stack potato pancakes? It’s trickier than it sounds.
HanukkahAll Grades and aboveHanukkah Dot-toDotMath and Hanukkah? What could be better? Try it out.
ChristmasAll Grades and aboveLight up the Christmas TreeI don’t know why but I love this game. It’s more of a logic game but it’s fun. Think you can beat my score? I’m up for a challenge. Let’s see if you can out light this crafty old computer teacher!
ChristmasAll Grades and aboveElf TheaterCheck out what the elves are watching at the movies.
ChristmasAll Grades and aboveReindeer BarnCheck out the reindeer barn and see what Santa’s team is up to.
ChristmasAll Grades and aboveDancing SantaEven Santa can cut a rug.
ChristmasAll Grades and aboveReindeer OrchestraHave you ever wanted to direct a reindeer orchestra? Well, here’s you chance.
WinterAll Grades and aboveGingerbread HouseHere’s the chance to make a gingerbread house without all of the mess. Rats, computers take all the fun out of “cooking” with candy. Well, at least your hands are not sticky.
WinterAll Grades and aboveMake a snowmanSee if you can make a snowman. This is hard.
ChristmasAll Grades and aboveLight the HouseCan you string lights on the house? Give it a try.
ChristmasAll Grades and aboveSugar – Holiday VersionThe popular “sugar” game but with a holiday theme.
KwanzaaAll Grades and aboveKwanzza GamesLearn about the traditions and symbols of this holiday.
KwanzaaAll Grades and aboveKwanzaa PuzzlesThese Kwanzza puzzles will help you learn about some of the traditions of this holiday.
KwanzaaAll Grades and aboveAll About KwanzaaLearn even more about Kwanzaa.
KwanzaaAll Grades and aboveThe History of KwanzaaWatch a video about the history of Kwanzaa.
HanukkahAll Grades and aboveHanukkah TraditionsLearn about the traditions that surround Hanukkah.
KwanzaaAll Grades and aboveKwanzaa TraditionsLearn about the traditions of Kwanzaa.
ChristmasAll Grades and aboveChristmas TraditionsLearn about Christmas traditions.
DiwaliAll Grades and aboveDiwali VideoWatch a movie and then take a quiz about Diwali.
All TraditionsAll Grades and aboveArthur Traditions from Around the WorldArthur travels the world to see how many families celebrate the winter holidays.
DiwaliAll Grades and aboveLearn about DiwaliLearn about Diwali.
DiwaliAll Grades and aboveDiwali TraditionsLearn about Diwali.
DiwaliAll Grades and aboveDiwali GamePlay a Diwali game. Works in Firefox.
DiwaliAll Grades and aboveDiwali PuzzlePut the Diwali lights back together.
DiwaliAll Grades and aboveDiwali StoryRead a story about Diwali.
All TraditionsAll Grades and aboveA Long List of TraditionsCurious about winter traditions? This is a good place to start learning.
WinterFirst Grade and aboveDress the Snow PersonWinter
ChristmasAll Grades and aboveWinter VillageAn advent calendar from google. Works best on Google Chrome.
KwanzaaAll Grades and aboveKwanzaa ScrapbookExplore the traditions of Kwanzaa.
ChristmasAll Grades and aboveChristmas TraditionsLearn about Christmas traditions from around the world.
WinterFirst Grade and aboveDesign a SnowflakeDesign a sowflake.
ChristmasAll Grades and aboveChristmas PuzzleCan you solve this jigsaw puzzle?