Art and Music Sites

Site NameRecommended Grade LevelLink (Click Here)Description
Crayola GamesFirst Grade and aboveCrayola GamesGames from the Crayola company to learn about color and art and fun!
National Gallery of Art Kid ZoneKindergarden and aboveNGA Kid ZoneExplore all the ways that computers can change and manipulate images.
Architects Studio 3-DFourth Grade and aboveArchitects Studio 3-DMake a house to meet your client’s needs. Think about what your client wants and needs from a house and then build it!
Art GamesFourth Grade and aboveArt Games GalleryHow much of an artist are you? Can you beat the Art Challenge Game?
The ScribblerKindergarden and aboveThe ScribblerWeirdly fun. You draw something and then the computer adds to it.
Picturebook MakerFirst Grade and abovePicturebook MakerUse this site to make a picturebook. Be an author!
Smart KidsThird Grade and aboveSmart KidsSolve an art mystery!
Art Pad PainterKindergarden and aboveArt Pad PainterA neat little art pad for drawing.
Albright Art GamesKindergarden and aboveAlbright Art GamesExplore art through these games.
BomomoKindergarden and aboveBomomoVery cool art pad. Lots of effects.
Color with LeoKindergarden and aboveColor with LeoExplore art with Leo.
Getty ArtKindergarden and aboveGetty GamesExplore the art of the world famous Getty Exhibit.
Keith Haring Interactive ColoringKindergarden and aboveInteractive ColoringInteract with the amazing artwork of Keith Haring.
TimTimKindergarden and aboveTimTimColor and draw!
MxGraphFirst Grade and aboveMxGraphCool like drawing tool. Has some nice graphics.
Escape MotionAll Grades and aboveEscape MotionCool computer effects. Look at the beauty of math and art.
Melody StreetKindergarden and aboveMelody StreetLearn about the different instramental voices of the orchestra and band.
Sphinx KidsAll Grades and aboveSphinx KidsLearn about music.
Classics for KidsAll Grades and aboveClassics for KidsLearn about classical music.
Compose MusicAll Grades and aboveCompose MusicA simple way to compose music.
DSO KidsAll Grades and aboveDSO KidsLearn about the music of different composers.
Crayola PaintKindergarden and aboveCrayola PaintThis tool lets you paint without getting your fingers dirty.
My OatsAll Grades and aboveMy OatsA cool design generator that lets you manipulate the image once you have finished the original design.
Move + MixerAll Grades and aboveMove+MizerCompose your own cool dance move and get up and dance!
SpirographKindergarden and aboveSpirographFinally an online spirograph!!!
The ColorKindergarden and aboveThe ColorAn online coloring book with tons of images to draw. Watch out for some advertisements.
BeatLabKindergarden and aboveBeatLabMake your own sick beats.
Button BeatKindergarden and aboveButton BassMake your own interesting and sick beat.
IncrediboxFourth Grade and aboveIncrediboxIncredibox. Super cool site but the cartoon character needs to be dressed. Be warned that the male character starts out without a shirt on.
OtomataKindergarden and aboveOtomataCool way to make some funky sounds and even save them.
CirculiKindergarden and aboveCirculiReally cool and mystical sounding noise.
Monkey MachineKindergarden and aboveMonkey MachineTest out some different percussion rhythms.
PatatapKindergarden and abovePatatapSomething oddly fun. Play with sounds and some different video graphics.
SketchPadKindergarden and aboveSketchPadReally cool and very powerful little art editor. Easy, even for adults!
CanvaThird Grade and aboveCanvaElena did this in her old school it is really cool. Good for making POSTERS.
Adobe SparkThird Grade and aboveAdobe SparkLike Canva.
QuickDrawKindergarden and aboveQuickDrawThis is a Google AI experiment and it’s pretty cool.
AutoDrawKindergarden and aboveAutoDrawThis is a Google AI experiment. It takes your drawing and tries to figure out if it can finish it for you.
NSynthKindergarden and aboveNSynthMake your own sounds. 
Infinite Drum MachineKindergarden and aboveInfinite Drum MachineThis is really cool! Take ordinary sounds and make it into a drum sound.
DreamPipeKindergarden and aboveDreamPipePicks random cools sounds. Fun!
VortexSheddingKindergarden and aboveVortexSheddingPretty cool. Just play with it. You’ll like it.
SpaceArtKindergarden and aboveSpaceArtIs it art? Is it music? Is it science? You decide.
GRovePizzaKindergarden and aboveGrovePizzaReally fun way to make music beats.
UsercubeKindergarden and aboveUsercubeMake your own cube world.
BeetnikFourth Grade and aboveBeetnikMusic and programming together? YES! Think about it. Music is just set of repeated code. See if you can program some amazing tunes.