Programming Sites

Site NameGrade LevelURLDescription
Cisco Binary GameFourth GradeCisco Binary GameLearn how binary code works and even practice your addition skills.
RoboZZleFourth GradeRoboZZleLearn how to program the robot around the course.
Snap!Fourth GradeSnap!A lot like Scratch.
BlockyFourth GradeBlockyKind of like Scratch.
MalfactoriaThird GradeMalfactoriaPlays a lot like the boardgrame RoboRally. Fun!
MIT ScratchAll GradesScratchProbably the very best way to learn how to program.
Hour of CodeAll GradesHour of CodeLearn how to code from the best in the business with Angry Birds!!
LightBotThird GradeLightBotA fun programming game.
BBC – ComputingAll GradesBBC – ComputingLearn computer science the British way! Same stuff, different continent.
Code MonkeyThird GradeCode MonkeyAnother coding game. Try it out and see what you think. There’s a board game.
Made with CodeAll GradesMade with CodeKind of cool. A new collection of programming toys. Looks fun!
TrinketFourth GradeTrinketUses the same block structure as Scratch but then you can see the output in Python.
GameFrootFourth GradeGameFrootUses the Blocky API and feels a lot like Scratch. See what you think
CyberSecurity LabKindergardenCyberSecurityTeaches one of the CS principles – Security. Learn how computer scientists keep our Web sites safe. 
Pencil CodeThird GradePencil CodeA different block programming language. Looks like it’s based on Blockly.
Code With BoltFourth GradeCode With BoltLearn to code with a little lessons. 
Erase all KittensThird GradeErase all KittensTeaches you html through a weird story about kittens.
All Can CodeKindergardenAll Can CodeA fun little adventure game that uses a cowboy to teach programming.
ToonTalkThird GradeToonTalkAnother site. Have not quite tested it all out. If you do, let me know what you think of it. 
Pencil Code gymThird GradePencil Code GymUsing Blockly, this program lets you make drawings, songs and other goodies by using code. Tinker with the code and see what you can create.
Rapid RouterSecond GradeRapid RouterUsing Blockly, you will learn the fundamentals of programming with different activities. 
GamebloxFourth GradeGamebloxUses Blockly and is designed for game creation
BeetleBlockFourth GradeBeetleBlockUses Scratch Blocks to make 3-d shapes
CodeCombatFifth GradeCodeCombatLearn Python, Lua, and others with this fun game.
SploderThird GradeSploderSeems like an easy way to make a game. Give it a try and let me know what you think.
TinkerCADSecond GradeTinkerCadChild-friendly 3-D design studio.
KanoSecond GradeKanoGoes along with the Kano computer but this is the online software that goes along with it. 
Bits by BitsSecond GradeBits and BitsProgramming Lego style!
Robo BoogieKindergardenRobo BoogieProgram these robots to dance.
FlowlabFourth GradeFlowlabThis is a game creator with more options than Sploder. It is also a little more complex. Go through the tutorial. Brought to me by Ms. Traynor.
CospacesFourth GradeCospacesProgram your own VR world
BeetnikFourth GradeBeetnikMusic and programming together? YES! Think about it. Music is just set of repeated code. See if you can program some amazing tunes. 
WoofJSFourth GradeWoofjsA very good transition between Scratch and scripting.
S2JSFifth GradeS2JSThis site is a step-by-step introduction to javascript.
BBC:MicroBitFourth GradeBBC: MicroBitThe coding platform for BBC:MicroBits
OzoblocklyKindergardenOzoblocklyOnline programming for the Ozobots
Edison Scratch AppKindergardenEdison Scratch APPProgram the Scratch App
CodemojiKindergardenCodeMojiUses emoji’s to help you learn html.
W3SchoolFourth GradeW3SchoolLearn how to code in any language.