Just Cool Sites

Site NameRecommended Grade LevelLink (Click Here)Description
SparkTopFirst Grade and aboveSparktop.comFun games without the ads.
Fun BrainFirst Grade and aboveFun BrainLots of fun games. Recommended by Camryn.
Highlights for KidsKindergarden and aboveHighlights for KidsFun, seasonal games. We play many of these in Kindergarten and First Grade.
U.S. Mint GamesThird Grade and aboveU.S. Mint GamesGames from the U.S. Mint. Time travel, sports,… and more!
Orisinal Flash GamesKindergarden and aboveOrisinalThis site was blocked for a while but it is back. Enjoy.
Ed HeadsThird Grade and aboveEdHeads.orgExplore simple machines, perform a virtual knee surgery and weather activities.
BBC Revise WiseKindergarden and aboveBBC Revise WiseThe BBC’s answer to all sorts of learning challenges. Major topics are covered for each grade level and all activities are appropriate and interesting.
Switch ZooThird Grade and aboveSwitch ZooMake your own animal and see if it can make it in the wild. This is pretty cool
Scholastic GamesSecond Grade and aboveScholastic GamesGames based on books or academic skills.
Play Kid GamesKindergarden and abovePlay Kids GamesPractice a host of skills with this site. Watch up for pop-ups.
Tall BuildingsFourth Grade and aboveTall Buildings ExhibitExplore the tallest buildings in the world. Although this is not an “interactive” site it is very cool to see these giant structures.
Thinking Machine Chess GameThird Grade and aboveChess GamePlay a virtual chess game against the computer. Checkmate!
Wonder For SiteFirst Grade and aboveWonder For SiteMake a snowflake and then twirl it.
PuppetsSecond Grade and abovePuppetsChange the features and controls for the puppet.
Type Lower Case LettersFirst Grade and aboveLower Case LettersType Lower Case Letters
Weekly Reader GamesThird Grade and aboveWeekly Reader GamesFunish games from Weekly reader.
Build a FountainFirst Grade and aboveBuild a FountainBuild a fountain and keep the water running before the pump burns out.
BoohbahKindergarden and aboveBoobahKind of weird, kind of quirky, but strangely fun.
The Secret of CirclesKindergarden and aboveThe Secret of CirclesPlay around with circles and see how they create beautiful designs.
QuestionautSecond Grade and aboveQuesionautCan you figure out what the Questionaut needs for his trek? See if you can help him out.
The Art of Crime DetectionThird Grade and aboveCrime DetectionUse your powers of observation to see if you can catch the criminals.
Draw ToyKindergarden and aboveDraw ToyCreate funky animated drawings.
Design your backyardKindergarden and aboveBackyardDesign your own backyard.
TVO KidsFirst Grade and aboveGame PickerCanada’s Public Television kid’s site. Packed with cool games.
NASA Kids’ ClubKindergarden and aboveNASA Kids’ ClubGames and activities that help you learn more about space exploration.
TVO KidsKindergarden and aboveTVO KidsCanada’s Ministry of Education’s web site for education and fun.
ABCYaKindergarden and aboveABCYaFun, educational games.
Viral InstinctSecond Grade and aboveViral InstinctTest what you know to beat Viral Vinnie.
K-BearFirst Grade and aboveK-BearLots of fun things to learn.
Doodle 4 GoogleAll Grades and aboveDoodle4GoogleCool link for a cool contest.
BBC GamesAll Grades and aboveBBC GamesMore fun games than you can shake a stick at (saying by Dorothy LaDell Moore – Dr. Bernal’s Grandmother).
Discovery Puzzles and QuizzesThird Grade and abovePuzzles and QuizzesDiscovery Puzzles and Quizzes
Game Up – Brain PopAll Grades and aboveGame UpShane thinks these games are awesome. Dr. Bernal even learned about them at Harvard.
FraboomSecond Grade and aboveFraboomMany different interactive activities to explore and learn.
Light-botSecond Grade and aboveLight-botLearn how to prgram and have fun at the same time.
The Great Language GameFourth Grade and aboveThe Great Language GameCan you identify the languages from around the world? How good is your ear for languages. Dr. Bernal’s best score is 600.
MIT ScratchSecond Grade and aboveScratchA cool way to learn programming. Ask your grown-up(s) before creating an account.
Cisco Binary GameFourth Grade and aboveCisco Binary GameLearn how to understand binary code.
ABCYa!All Grades and aboveABCYa!Fun games for all ages that teach you stuff!
Grid ClubKindergarden and aboveGrid ClubTons of fun, interesting and eucational games. 
KA GamesKindergarden and aboveKA GamesFun games for kids
Bee ProactiveKindergarden and aboveBeeProactiveFrom Silver Springs Elementary School! Shared with me by a new student from Silver Springs
ABCKidsKindergarden and aboveABCKidsAustralia’s version of PBS Kids
SwoopKindergarden and aboveSwoopSee if you can steer the plane.