The Artifact – Due January 14th

Students are researching and creating Google Sites to aid fictitious Time Traveler Field Agents to infiltrate the Inca, Aztec, or Maya civilizations. In order to aid our intrepid Time Travelers, they should be able to recognize certain artifacts within a culture. There are some rules for the artifacts and how you get a good grade.

Use the Web page to help you find information about the civilization and artifacts -> WebSite

Artifact Bitmoji
Get the facts about the artifacts
  • Made from items within your environment. Plastic bags are a wonderful resources as are holiday cards, cardboard boxes, old shirts, mismatched socks, old wrapping paper, sticks,… basically, if you can pick it up and it’s free, you can use it. You can even make cookies or other foods – share the recipe and then take images of the cookies..
  • I do not want this project to impact families other than with the general nuisance, malaise, and consternation (some learning) caused by all school projects. Can you purchase materials? If you absolutely have to. I would much prefer that you use something that has out-lived its natural life. Remember, this should not cause your family any other than the aforementioned pain.
  • You will take images of your finished project and submit the images through a method not yet plotted to be graded. It will be probably be through Schoology and may involve a slide presentation.
  • Your artifact does not have to be beautiful. However, it CANNOT be dangerous to yourself or other. Nor can the creation of the project result injury to anyone. Please make sure you have proper supervision.
  • I want the project to make the Inca, Aztec, and Maya people more interesting and real to you.
  • Grading – Product Grade
    • Shows student effort – 5 points
    • Show authenticity and accuracy with a specific civilization – 5 points
    • Can fit in a small bag – (“Don’t go over the top,” as Gia says) – 5 points
    • NOT LATE – 2
  • The Gallery below shows creations of ideas for artifacts. Remember, be creative, be cheap, and have fun.