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Site Name Recommended Grade Level Link (Click Here) Description Fourth Grade and above Investigate the world of the Pilgrims and the Native Americans during the first Thanksgiving.
World Almanac for Kids First Grade and above World Almanac for Kids Jammed packed full of information about the world around us. A kid's online version of the World Almanac
Stately Knowledge First Grade and above Stately Knowledge Learn all the general facts and figures about all 50 states. Links to even more detailed information for each individual state.
Trading Around the World Third Grade and above Trading Around the World Use a limited amount of money to create a global economy. Sponsored by international monetary fund.
Colonial Williamsburg Kid Zone Kindergarden and above Williamsburg Kid Zone Learn and explore the colonial times through these games.
Kids Portrait - a George Washington Mystery Third Grade and above Kids Portrait Discover Geroge Washington the President by looking for clues
Statretris Second Grade and above Statresis Like tetris but with states.
Build a Sod House Third Grade and above Build a Sod House Learn how to build a sod house and never get your hands dirty!
Build a City Third Grade and above Build a City Look at how cities changed over time. Build your own city.
Dump CIty Third Grade and above Dump CIty Take care of your city by recycling.
BBC Interactive Games Fourth Grade and above BBC Interactive Games Fun, intense games of learning. From the BBC.
Urban Vermin Third Grade and above Urdan Vermin Learn how to work with others. Find out about yourself.
Secret Millionaires Club Third Grade and above Secret Millionaires Club Warren Buffet's guide to being a millionaire. Since he is a millionaire several times over, he should know.
Inca Investigation Third Grade and above Inca Investigation Learn about the Inca Empire through a game.
Rail, Sail, or Overland Mail Fourth Grade and above Rail, Sail, or Overland Mail You are the post master, how do you get the mail where it needs to be?
Time Lord Fourth Grade and above Time Lord How well do you know history? This game will find out!
A Sailor's Life for Me Fourth Grade and above A Sailor's Life Enlist and explore life on the seas in the 1800's.
Texas Independence First Grade and above Texas Independence Learn how the great state of Texas gained its independence from Mexico to become a nation and then join the USA.
George Washington's World First Grade and above Gerorge Washington's World Explore George Washington's world in three-D. Walk around Mt. Vernon and learn about the father of our country.
iCivics Fourth Grade and above iCivics Explore games that help you understand the role and function of government and our laws
Nobel Prize Educational Games Fourth Grade and above Nobel Prize Educational Games Games inspired by the work of the Nobel Laureates. Very neat games.
Post Challenge Fourth Grade and above Post Challenge How much do you know about the US postal service? Play to find out.
Londonian Third Grade and above Londonian Find out what life was like in London in when the Romans ruled England.
Shopping in Tudor England Third Grade and above Shopping in Tudor England Help a Tudor family with chores and go shopping - Tudor style!
Life in Medieval England Third Grade and above Life in Medieval England See if you can survive the perils of medieval life. Good luck!
Oregon Trail Game Fourth Grade and above Oregon Trail Game Learn if you have the stuff to conquer the Oregon Trail!