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Site Name Recommended Grade Level Link (Click Here) Description Second Grade and above The study of the studies of science. Kids have the chance to dig into some of the more exciting and interesting areas of science.
Voyage to Epsilon Eridani 3 Fourth Grade and above Voyage to Epsilon Eridani 3 Through the Exploratorium of San Francisco. Higher level ideas about time and space travel. Hang out with Einstein
Dirt on Dirt - The Science of Gardening Kindergarden and above Dirt on Dirt Through the Exploratorium of San Francisco. Grade level is K-5. Adult help for the little ones.
Science News for Kids Third Grade and above Science News for Kids Spin off from Science News - great publication
Girls Go Tech Third Grade and above Girls Go Tech A product of the Grils Scouts of America promoting science and math for girls.
Ancient Inventions Third Grade and above Ancient Inventions Smith College's showcase of ancient inventions.
Smithsonian's Inventions at Play Kindergarden and above Inventions at Play Smithonian Center for invention. Great games that make you think!
Science World Kindergarden and above Science World Fun and kind of gross games that teach you all about your body and how it works.
Mars Quest Third Grade and above Mars Quest Explore the Surface of Mars
Design a Satellite Second Grade and above Design a Satellite Help little Jimmy and Susan design a satellite to fulfill their tv watching dreams. Very cute - a-la-cartoon-network.
Kinetic City Second Grade and above Kinetic City Games to help learn about the science of motion.
Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection Third Grade and above Owl Pellet Dissections Poke around the inside of an owl pellet without getting your hands dirty!
NOVA's Evolution Simulation Third Grade and above Evolution in Action See if you can change the environment to help you creatures survive.
Camouflage Animal Secrets Second Grade and above Camouflage Animal Secrets Use clues to track down animals in their habitat. It's not as easy as it seems. Good look and happy searching.
BioKids Critter Catalogue First Grade and above Critter Catalogue Great place to find scientifically accurate information about North American wildlife
Micropolitan Kindergarden and above Micropolitan Look at the world from a magnified point of view.
Mission Explore Fourth Grade and above Mission Explore Go the mysterious island of Regaloam to search fro scientific evidence.
PBS Ocean Games Third Grade and above PBS Ocean Games Help save the oceans.
Dragon Fly TV First Grade and above Dragon Fly TV Test out your science brain and best the Dragonfly challenges.
Eeko World Third Grade and above EekoWorld Make your own animal and help it survive.
Meet the Mollusks Third Grade and above Meet the Mollusks Use your powers of observation to classify these mollusks.
Nasa's 50th Anniversary Site Second Grade and above Nasa 50 Years Very interactive, explore Nasa's quest to conquer space.
Build a Panda Habitat Kindergarden and above Build a Panda Habitat Build a habitat that the pandas like and they will come out and play.
Nasa Kids Club First Grade and above NASA Kids Club Explore space with this web site.
The Grid Fourth Grade and above The Grid Learn about the different types of computers that are helping the world around us. You too can help.
Hair Detective Fourth Grade and above Hair Detective Use forensic science to solve the caper.
Animal Diversity First Grade and above Animal Diversity Large collection of scientific information about animals.
Sky and Sea Third Grade and above Sky and Sea Explore the deep reaches of the ocean and the sky.
Discovery Kids Second Grade and above Discovery Kids Check out all of the cool things on this site. Games, activities and more. Warning - gross stuff too.
Bell Natural History Museum All Grades and above Bell Natural History Explore the natural world and the ecology around it.
Clockwork Second Grade and above Clockwork Try to release the cog in the middle. Tricky but fun.
Whizzball Third Grade and above Whizzball See if you can beat this. It is extremely hard.
Science Museum Second Grade and above Science Museum 19 science games to teach you what you need to know.
Simple Machines First Grade and above Simple Machines Can you help the heroes of our story get through the museum? Play to find out.
Children's Museum Games All Grades and above Children's Museum Games All sorts of fun science games. Enjoy!
Go React Second Grade and above Go React Try mixing some elements together and see what you create.
Would you Eat That? Third Grade and above Would you Wath That? Find our what is in your favorite junk foods... if you dare...
Arbor Day Tree Identification Second Grade and above Tree Identification Learn how to ID tree species.
KoiKiwi Games Second Grade and above KoiKiwi Games Learn how to help save the environment through these games. These games come all the way from New Zealand! Hi Elena!!