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Fifth Grade Lesson - Purple

Week: 10 -- lesson ID: 700

Essential Questions:

Why do people explore? Why did the Europeans begin to explore? What were some of the long term affects of European exploration?


Understand the factors that lead up to the Age of Discovery.

Gain an understanding of the technological and social advancements that Europeans made in order to explore the world.

Vade Mecum

Vade Mecum List - Inca, Aztec Maya

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Spice Islands
Means and Motives
Portuguese Explorers

The Standards

Lesson Standard:

4-5a: Students will study historical events and persons within a given time-frame in order to create a chronology and identify related cause-and-effect factors

4-5a: Students will draw historical conclusions and construct historical accounts from primary and secondary source materials.   Grade 5
4-5b: Students will examine historical materials relating to a particular region, society, or theme; chronologically arrange them, and analyze change over time.