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Fifth Grade Word Wall

  • Computer - An electronic device which processes information. It can assess other computers through the World Wide Web. It is the black box on the desk. Many children confuse the computer with the monitor.
  • Ctrl+A - Keyboard shortcut for selecting all information.
  • Ctrl+C - Keyboard shortcut for cutting information.
  • Ctrl+F - Keyboard shortcut for finding information.
  • Ctrl+V - Keyboard shortcut for pasting information.
  • Ctrl+Z - Keyboard shortcut for UNDOING the last command. The most important keyboard shortcut to know.
  • Cursor - The blinking line showing where text will appear.
  • Internet - A connection of computers linking together to share information.
  • Monitor - The screen where information from the computer can be seen. Many hand-held devices are both the screen and the computer.
  • URL - Universal Record Locator. A Web site's address. For instance, http://www.tunaruna.com is the URL for this Web site.
  • USB - Universal Serial Bus - allows you to plug things into your computer and use them almost instantly. A "bus" is an address (kind of like a parking spot) system that the computer uses to organize processing instructions.
  • Web Page - One document on the World Wide Web. A collection of pages is a site. Web pages are written in HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language).