Welcome to Timelines

Linden Hill Elementary Timelines. These are student created timelines detailing the exploration of North America between 1500 - 1650 AD.

North American Explorers: 1500 - 1650

Welcome to the Age of Exploration. We will be using this site to enter data to learn about the chronology of this time in history. If you are a student at Linden Hill, click on the tab at the top of the page labeled "Tab." Locate your section day and then click on the Form link. Make sure to add all the information on the form. If you make a mistake, don't worry, Dr. Bernal can fix it. Do not enter the same entry twice. Once you add an event, you can click on the Classes tab again then click on the timeline link for your day. If you do not see your new event, hit the refresh button on your browser.


A little information about the project.

These timelines were created using the MIT Simile Exhibit code. The students researched the information using online resources and then entered the data using Google Forms. Our students are using cutting edge technology developed at MIT.