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Welcome to Linden Hill!

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Kindergarten News

This week we are going to explore a computer can help us to learn about the alphabet and letter sounds. These activities reinforce alphabetic order and letter case. As children become more familiar with the alphabet, they will realize that most environmental text uses uppercase letters. However, in day-today reading and writing, they will need to recognize lowercase letters and understand how to use them.

First Grade News

This week we are looking at Chinese New Years. Chinese New Year is late this year coming on February 19. It is the year of Goat. Not only are we learning about Chinese New Year, also known as a the Spring Festival, but we are also practicing our typing skills. We will practice the skills we learned in previous weeks to type out phrases about the Spring Festival.

The words introduced this week are: Chinese New Year, Giant Panda, Red, Spring Festival, and Tao hongbao.

Second Grade News

Programming is becoming as essential to 21st century skills as read, writing and arithmetic. During this unit, we will be investigating Kodu. Kodu is a programming software aimed a young children to help them design and create games. This is a free porduct and there is a link to the software on the second grade student page. You can also purchase Kodu for X-box for $5.00. Kodu is fun and makes children think logically and solve problems. This is a highly engaging and fun way to introduce object oriented programming. This is also one of my favorite things to teach.

Third Grade News

Hour of Code is HERE!! If you are unfamiliar with the Hour of Code, it is an eduational experience to promote and encourage computer programming for all students. Last year was the first year that Linden Hill participated and this year we are going to do it again. We will learn how to drag and drop blocks to create out first lines of code. Yay Code!

Fourth Grade News

Note to come.

Fifth Grade News

Note to come.

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