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Welcome to Linden Hill!

TunaRuna is a teaching resource for the students of Linden Hill. On this Web page you will find:

  1. Relevant vocabulary for each lesson.
  2. Links to documents that we use for each lesson.
  3. More video links to help learning.
  4. Grade level parent notes (here on the Home Page).


All the best and happy computing!

Dr. Bernal

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This lesson is a long-term project that includes research, programming, and ecology. Students will create a computer program using SCRATCH from the MIT Lifelong Learning Lab. I strongly recommend that your child create a Scratch account. Copy the username and password into your child's agenda so that they have it for school. This is a highly engaging unit and most students are very interested in the programming and the topic.

The topic for the program is Land Restoration. This subject is an ever-increasingly important topic to our world. Sustainability is the most important concept of this unit. Students should come away from the project understanding that many of our natural resources are finite and we should consume with prudence.

Ideally, the Scratch or Kodu programs should work and should be complete. However, as is the case with all computer programs, updates are an important part of the programming process. The programs will be graded using the rubric that is linked on the 4th or 5th grade page.